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2.  Why we are the 1st.

1stWeBuyHouses aims to be the first to get you an offer to buy your house. The 1st to buy your house and the 1st to give you that 1st place service you deserve. We have been connecting homeowners with cash investor buyers all over the United States for many years and have helped thousands of homeowners to get connected to the real estate investors they needed, to get the offers they were looking for.

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3.  Do you need an offer from us?


  • Is your house too ugly to sell on the retail market?


  • Do you have a house that has flooded, or deep in the flood plain?


  • Does your house have toxic mold that may require expensive remediation?


  • Do you have a burn house that has sustained serious fire damage?


  • Do you just need an investor who can buy houses fast for cash?


  • Would you like to know what kind of cash offers we can give you?


 Investors in our network can make you fast offers to buy your house. 


Once you fill in the details of the house you want to sell on the form above, an investor may contact you to write a no obligation offer to sell your house. Of course if you don't like an offer you can negotiate, or leave it altogether.



3.1  About submitting your house to sell.


  • We have local investors ready to make a fast offer to buy your house.


  • As soon as you submit the form above it will go to a local investor to make you an offer.


  • Fill in as many details as possible to get matched with the appropriate investor buyer.


  • If it's an ugly house, mold house, flood house, burn house, etc, be sure and include those details. Some investors only purchase certain kinds of house deals, so this would be relevant information to know early on & will save you time as well.


  • Many investors within our network specialize in buying houses in disrepair, burn outs, mold houses, flood houses & worse, so they're not going to be scared out of buying a house that needs serious rehab.


  • Specify the owners of the property if there are more owners than just yourself. You can fill in under notes if the property is in probate, or an inheritance.


  • Include the value that you feel your house may be worth on the retail market. Then provide your asking price for the house.


4.  Why we buy ugly houses.

We buy ugly houses because with our extensive experience of rehabbing, renovating and remodeling houses, we have built a network of professionals who know how to do these deals and can most economically get the houses redone. Home owners who sell ugly homes to us would usually have a difficult time finding a buyer for their ugly house otherwise.


4.1  We have contractors who renovate ugly houses affordably.

Rehabbing and renovating an ugly house is not cheap and for many types of houses it requires extensive experience and knowledge to get the job done correctly and affordably without getting taken advantage of by unscrupulous, or just plain lazy contractors. We have our own network of contractors and professionals with whom we regularly do these types of jobs, so can usually get them done more affordable than your average homeowner.



4.2  We also buy ugly properties others are afraid of.

We also by some of the worst houses that most people would be afraid of and do not shy away from buying houses some of the worst possible problems. Some of the ugly homes we buy have the following problems:


  • Houses with cracked, settling and damaged foundations.


  • Houses with mold, toxic mold, or other environmental damage.


  • Houses that have flooded, or sustained serious water damage.


  • Houses that have not been maintained and just seriously deteriorated.


  • Houses that have had fire damage, either partial, or total burnouts.


  • Houses with serious plumbing problems, hold plumbing, cracked plumbing and worse.


  • Houses with serious electrical problems and or, serious electrical issues.


  • Houses with termite damage, or other serious insect infestations.


4.3  We buy houses in most States and we buy ugly homes for cash.

Do you need to sell a house fast? Do you have an ugly house that is too difficult to sell? Do you have a house going into foreclosure? Would you like to get a quick offer to buy your house?


Submit your property through our form and we will get you an offer to buy your house.



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